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Chew Chomp and Chill

Mindful Feeding from the Head & Heart

Inside the storeDid you know that your pets diet plays a critical role in not only their health, but also their behaviour? A balance of good nutrition and enrichment can greatly improve your pets’ physical and mental well-being and prolong their life. With this in mind, my goal at Chew Chomp & Chill is to provide you with the highest quality pet foods and the most exciting range of enrichment toys, certain to get every tail wagging!

Why is diet so important?

Just like us, our pets diet directly affects their health and behaviour. Ingredients like meat by-products, grains, chemicals, preservatives, salt and artificial additives are often found in commercially prepared pet foods. Not only can these foods cause numerous health concerns, they also lack the essential nutrients needed for good health and disease prevention.

At Chew Chomp & Chill I am dedicated to providing you with high quality, mindfully sourced pet foods designed to provide your four-legged friend with the very best in nutrition. I believe in the importance of feeding a natural, well balanced diet that gives pets the nutrients they need, without unnecessary or harmful additives.

Why is enrichment so important?

Inside the storeConsider how your pet would naturally get their nutrients in the wild. A great deal of time and energy would be spent hunting and foraging for food. Now consider how you feed your pet…. do you use a bowl? This fast, furious and free style of feeding takes away many of your pets natural feeding behaviours, expelling very little time or energy. This often allows plenty of time for your pet to practice boredom behaviours like chewing, barking, escaping and digging!

At Chew Chomp & Chill I believe it’s not only about what you feed, but how you feed it! By getting creative and using food dispensing toys you can prolong your pets’ meal times, keeping them entertained and improving mental dexterity and health!

I created Chew Chomp & Chill with my dogs in mind. I strongly believe that we have a responsibility as pet owners to ensure our pets nutritional and behavioural needs are met and it’s my goal to provide customers with the essential tools to have happy, healthy pets from the inside out.

- Kay Coonan, Owner

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